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Using The ‘Work Booking’ Import Feature

Update and create Work Orders for your entire factory in minutes using the Manage workspace.

Effortlessly update and create Work Orders for the entire factory with the Work Booking Import feature within the Manage workspace of the FourJaw platform.

This import process has been streamlined to ensure efficient prioritisation of work throughout a factory, eliminating the challenges of managing paper-based work lists that can be difficult to adapt to your customers' evolving requirements and material supply.

1) Importing Work Orders

When it comes to importing your work orders, there are two options available:

Default Setting: Begin by downloading a CSV (comma-separated value) file, where you can input your Work Order Operations using a spreadsheet. Once prepared, you can upload the file directly to the platform.

Custom Import Setting: If you require a tailored approach, our Customer Success Team can create a specific import configuration that aligns with the machine names and headers taken from a suitable report out of your business system. This enables a quick and straightforward data transfer into FourJaw. Speak to our Customer Success Team at support@fourjaw.com to get a customisation set up.


2) Selecting Import Method

After uploading the file, users have the flexibility to either replace all non-started Work Order Operations with the new data or simply add to the existing list with the new Work Order Operations, depending on their workflow preferences. Work Order Operations that are already in progress or completed will remain unaffected within the system.


3) Checking For Errors

In case any errors occur during the file import, our validation process will promptly identify the problematic lines and specify the exact issues on those lines, allowing quick resolution before re-uploading the file.


4) Summary and Confirm

A summary of the upload, including any modifications made to existing Work Order Operations, will be presented. Once satisfied with the changes, select the "confirm changes and import" button to add the newly imported Work Orders Operations to the platform. This feature streamlines the Work Order management process, saving you time and enhancing efficiency in your factory operations.

Each change has a black circle with a question mark inside, this is used to investigate which row has made this change, helping to keep the data accurate and adjust any problems quickly.