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v2.0.1 (September 22) Product Update

Transparent productivity and efficient job scheduling

Schedule jobs efficiently

You can schedule jobs efficiently either by job order or schedule date by importing jobs using a CSV template.

    • Job List can now be prioritised by CSV import row number, or by start date.

    • Presents on the tablets to operators simply as "Job Order" for simplicity.

    • Using the template is now even easier

      • Missing start dates and job length estimates will not disrupt the upload
      • Unknown machines will simply be ignored
      • A summary of what was imported enables you to sense check your work

Live Dashboard

Make productivity transparent and unite the shop floor by displaying FourJaw Live.

  • Log in to your shop floors big screen as a Live Dashboard User and whichever page you display will be refreshed every 10 minutes
  • Quickly scan your dashboard to pick up on new trends with a streamlined set of plotting options

Bug fixes

  • Livestream badges now have better responsive behaviour on different screen sizes.