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Setting Up Custom Asset Hierarchy

FourJaw enables you to tailor your experience to account for the layout of your factory floor and the structure of your business, helping to embed the platform into the business's day-to-day operations.



The Asset Hierarchy configuration area can be found under the Settings Workspace on the main drop-down menu. Here, it is possible to redefine Asset Hierarchy in terms of names and number of levels used within FourJaw to match the layout of your factory floor and the structure of your business.

The default setting will show 4 levels:

  • Organisation
  • Factory
  • Cell
  • Machine


How to add a new Asset level

To add an asset level, click on the (+) icon wherever you want to insert the new level, enter the relevant name and define the type. An explanation of the type can be found by selecting the drop-down. Once happy, click accept to insert.

Once created, it is possible to add new entries to this level by selecting Add New…. on the right-hand side of the screen. Enter a name, select the parent this now belongs to and confirm.

When satisfied the setup is correct, click the Accept Changes and Save button at the bottom of the page to modify.

Seeing the Asset Hierarchy changes in the platform

Any changes you make to the Asset Hierarchy will be applied to and visible on all aspects of the Monitor, Manager and Reporting workspaces immediately, allowing easier navigation through the platform with the naming convention used within the business.

Any reports that have been set using the old hierarchy system will now default to the organisation level and will need to be edited to suit the new hierarchy.