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Product Updates January 2023

FourJaw 2.1 is now available to all our Pro customers. Here is what you get and how to start using it.

We've been working hard on your FourJaw platform. In this release, we have focused on three things. 

  • Real Time OEE 
  • Messaging between the shopfloor and management
  • Empowering operators through their tablets

Knowledgebase Articles to help you get started

Here are some handy knowledge base articles to help you understand what is available and how to use it. 


As ever, if you need support in using these functionalities you can email us at support@fourjaw.com.

What's Next?

If you have any suggestions for improvement to the FourJaw platform, we would love to hear about them. You can email h.melia@fourjaw.com (Product Manager).  

Coming up... Energy Monitoring... watch this space.