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FourJaw 2.2 - Work Booking and Customisable Reporting

Version 2.2 of our platform brings a big usability upgrade that has been driven by feedback from our customer base. The key highlights are:

  • A whole new Work Booking/Job Tracking experience for machine operators with quick search of jobs.
  • Powerful work lists for production managers and a streamlined import/export workflow.
  • Full customisation of the business "layers" you can filter with using a flexible new "Asset Hierarchy".

Check out this video from our Co-founder, Robin, who takes you on a quick tour of the new features:

Getting Started

Here are some handy knowledge-base articles to help you understand the new functionality within FourJaw version 2.2 and how to use it.

Customisable Asset Hierarchy

Work Booking


As ever, if you need support in using any part of FourJaw, you can email us at support@fourjaw.com.

What's Next?

If you have any suggestions for improvement to the FourJaw platform, we would love to hear about them. You can email r.hartley-willows@fourjaw.com with any feedback or suggestions.