What hardware is required to use FourJaw?


By Oliver Pogmore

updated 5 months ago

Depending on the plan you sign up for there are two parts to the hardware.

MachineLink & Sensors

MachineLink is the small computer that logs the utilisation of each machine and transfers this to the cloud. This is always accompanied by the current clamp sensors and sensor box pictured below. This part of the hardware is preconfigured to be plug and play on arrival with your machine and network details already present. This is required for each machine being monitored.

Tablet for MachineMode

If you have opted to make use of MachineMode and the ability to log downtime reasons, job on & off and see recent utilisation figures at each machine then this is also required.

Its as simple as setting up any tablet that requires Wi-Fi. The tablets are sent straight to you from our supplier if ordered from FourJaw. You can also source your own tablets, access to MachineMode on the platform will still be required.

Learn more: For more information on installation visit this link.

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