How do I implement the FourJaw platform in my factory?


By Oliver Pogmore

updated 5 months ago

The process of physically setting up FourJaw only takes a few minutes per machine, but first of all:

  • Contact us; so we can learn more about your machines and what production challenges you typically see
  • Once we're both happy and you place an order we ask for a small amount of machine info and network details
  • The MachineLinks that do the monitoring are preconfigured to be plug and play using this info
  • Once you receive the kit simply plug each into a 3-pin power supply and the units will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi 
    • N.B. Ethernet or 3g/4g/5g routers can also be used instead of Wi-Fi 

When ongoing support is ever required, we’ll provide it included as part of your subscription via phone, web calls or email.

Learn more: Step by Step Guide: How to Set Up FourJaw?

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