How to get your Machine Link/s connected if your Wi-Fi details change?


By Fadzai Chiongotere

updated about 2 months ago

MachineLink Wi-Fi Credential Instructions 

Follow these Instructions below:

  1.  Plug in your MachineLink to power and check it is switched on.
  2.  A Wi-Fi network called “FourJawML-XXXXXX” will appear on your computer/phone where “XXXXXX” is the last few numbers of the MachineLink ID. You’ll find the MachineLink ID on a sticker on the back of the MachineLink device. 
  3. Connect to the correct FourJawML network for the MachineLink you’re interested in. 
  4. Open a web browser and type the IP address into the address bar and press enter. 
  5. A web page called “FourJaw MachineLink Configuration” will appear . 
  6. Enter your Wi-Fi SSID and password. 
  7. Check the MachineLink has connected successfully to the Wi-Fi network. 
  8. Turn the power on then off to the MachineLink and check on your FourJaw dashboard to see if data is coming through 

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