What industries and machines can FourJaw help me monitor?


By Oliver Pogmore

updated 5 months ago

The FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics platform was initially designed for the monitoring of CNC machines within the manufacturing industry. In 2022 most of the machines we monitor are CNC machines. These range from lathes and milling machines to grinders.

However, it should be noted that due to the way in which FourJaw monitors machines, with current clamps, the hardware can be fitted to any machines that draws power in its productive state. This data will simply show active and idle time as we see typically on CNC machines.

This means our customers have had success monitoring; laser cutters, power presses, press brakes, plasma cutters, welding stations and more.

Such machines are found in a range of industries and sectors, mainly manufacturing and productions industries related to automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace & defence, energy & renewables, industrial and medical.

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